The Goodreads Reading Challenge 2018 part 1

In 2018 I thought I should write more about books.

I also want to write more about what makes a good story – but I’ll talk about that later. One thing at a time:

Goodreads challenges me to read books every year. And every year I say: ‘Easy as! Gimme a round 100 and I’ll smash it!’

And then I don’t.

This year I’ve been much more cleverer… I’ve given myself a target of just 30 books in total, and crucially I’ve actually written down what the books are.

They are all books that I’ve wanted to read for a while, but seem like they’d really need proper and adequate attention/concentration. Or maybe I started the book and enjoyed it, but never finished – or simply hadn’t got round to reading the thing yet. Then, a good few are borrowed and needing to be given back!

I’ve also put an emphasis on long, meaty books with good, fat middles that will keep my brain working through 2018 – because what with Trump and wars and worrying about the future I definitely need to keep my brain as elastic as possible.

How have I made this the easiest I can to carry out, you ask? First, I listed all the specific 30 books in my Goodreads ‘to read’ shelf.

Then I got rid of all the books on my carousel in my Kindle reading app, and transferred all the books on the Goodreads list that were in my Kindle Library to my Kindle app on my phone.

The Kindle app links to the Goodreads app so can make suggestions based on your ‘to-read” list, which is really helpful!

An adendem – I am of course allowed to read other books throughout the year, but they’ll just appear here rather than on Goodreads as well. They’d mess up my score!

That’s one of my new year’s resolutions…

Next post will be all the books listed!

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Have a great week, love to you! X